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Bulk Spirits 

Competitive Prices - Premium Quality 

What sizes are available?

Our bulk MOQ is 5 litres.

5 Litres is also our multiple denominator up to 25 Litres.

After that its multiples of 25 Litres up to 1,000 Litre IBC's

How many flavours!?

We specialise in the flavouring of Spirits.

Our single Spirit flavours currently stands at over 150 exclusive recipes.  Clients often combine ingredients for regional or other marketing purposes...this brings our recipe potential into the 10,000+ region.

Who sells from bulk?

Bars & Restaurants from the Tap or Optic

Clients wishing to bottle themselves or contract it out

The catering & events industry

Customers with dispensing capabilities 

Contact us for an F.O.C sample

If you have a specific Spirit flavour requirement...or if you are just interested in determining our quality with a traditional or popular flavour...

Please get in touch and request your sample

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