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Case Studies

We work with clients across many business sectors. The three brands selected below show case the versatility of their chosen products and the impact each has on their own specialist market.

Hornington Manor - Luxury Wedding Venue

A hidden gem in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, Hornington Manor is a unique barn wedding venue. The Grade II listed Manor was built in 1770 and has been lovingly restored to provide luxury self-catering accommodation, which is now the perfect setting for a dream wedding.

With a working farm on site and 300 acres of hedgerow fruit surrounding this beautiful estate, the inspiration for this unique range of products will always remain local, sustainable and of course flavoursome.

The challenge presented by Joanne and her team was to create a truly unique product in design and recipe which caters to each function of their multi purpose estate....

From a strong Bar presence, to special gifting sizes, to even a petite and memorable wedding favour... each Spirit was designed and branded into a family of sizes.

Each of their 3 Gins needed to encompass the essence of the  wildflowers and berries across the estate. This was achieved by blending hand picked botanicals with other locally sourced ingredients to create 3 delicate and sophisticated flavour profiles. 

Hornington Manor is proud to present their Hedgerow Gins inspired by the rich wildlife on their Yorkshire Farm


From Left to Right: Bramble Gin, Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin

Introducing... Sip - An IWSC Judges Retail Brand

Sarah's years of drinks industry knowledge makes her our most experienced client. Formally a Buyer for National Supermarkets and now an established IWSC Judge.

Due to her fantastic CV we can take a more detailed look into the case study and design of SIP.

Her teams branding approach is both diverse in product and thorough in application.

Their decision to launch products in four Spirit categories from conception not only shows their intentions, but lays a foundation for targeted and timed growth into 2021. 

Below we look through the first mood boards, label artwork and then finish with the final product.

Mood Board Creation

It's immediately apparent that colour palette and typography were determined early on. There's also clear modern influences throughout which contrast with the Victorian esque glass vessel. 

Overall a contemporary conclusion at this stage with a cool and almost moody look. 

Label Design

First label impressions are of how clean and clear the artwork has progressed from it's origins above. Colour blocking, segmentation and the open logo areas all sit well and flow naturally to the eye.

There's a positive lack of augmentation when comparing the label sizing to the glass face available. This can have an enlarging optical effect on certain products, however, in this instance it provides a more prominent display of the liquid colours.

The Finished Product

The final outcome is a comparison of diversity, a well presented product, polished for both classic and modern settings. 

Once filled, the Apothecary style glass bottle forfeits it's old fashioned presence with a new focus being drawn to the elegant and orderly finish of the label.

In 2020 SIP launched a flavoured Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and Rum under a family brand.

They are already planning to add to their range in 2021.

Mood Board, Photography and Website Credit to We Are All F

Luxe Noir - International Premium Brand

Luxe Noir commissioned their Truffle Gin in 2019. It was developed to reach the pinnacle of high end Spirits. 

Created using Europe's finest Black Truffle the Tuber melanosporum. Each bottle contains its own truffle slice making it the only known product of its kind.

This Brand was designed exclusively for International Distributors.

Luxe Noir Case Study...coming soon.

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